ARI Literary and Talent Agency is happy to announce that Aram Pachyan’s novel Good Bye, Bird has been published in French by Edition Parenthèses under the title Au revoir, Piaf.  Translator is Anahit Avetissian. The translation support for the book was provided by Hyesart‘s Vartanouche Krikorian fund.

The novel has also been translated in English and Bulgarian languages. Translation rights are also sold to Serbia and Albania.

Aram Pachyan is an acclaimed writer of independence generation, with several prizes, including the honorable Presidential Youth Prize. His first novel Goodbye, Bird has become a national bestseller in 2012 and is still in the top lists of bestselling Armenian literature. It has been translated into English, French, Bulgarian and the rights to Serbian are sold. He has been a writer in residence at Fall Residency of International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, Iowa, USA in 2018 and at Villa Waldberta, Munich, Germany in 2019. Read more about the author here.

About the novel Goodbye, Bird

Struggling to forget hazing experiences, a twenty-eight-year-old young man who returned from the army several years ago, has yet to reacclimatize to ordinary life. The novel has several narratives braided together through the unnamed character’s scattered recollections. He cannot recover his habitual life in the civilian world. His attempt to reintegrate is so troubling that he’s pushed to the point where he considers himself disabled. As he pages through his diary, and recordings reveal a reshaping to understanding his past., everywhere he goes, any detail can drum up the past events. The more he tries to forget, the more he is convinced that he’s returned to a previous time when he was initially drafted to serve.

Read the detailed synopsis here.