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THEY’RE LOOSELY KNOWN as Generation Independence. This cohort of wonderfully vibrant, experimental Armenian writers, now all in their 30s and early 40s, are exciting as much for the lyrical and literary qualities of their work as for what they have to say about war and peace, love and sexual relations, everyday life and the human condition. 

Pachyan is the Superman of the group, or Captain Armenia if you will. 

Generation Independence: Armenia's Literary Superheros

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“This is like a giant jigsaw of a book the pieces are there but this is like opening the box and piece it together without a picture. It is a young man’s world but told from his view others point of view and in a third voice at times. This makes it a compelling and challenging piece of prose.”

Goodbye, Bird by Aram Pachyan

Читай (for Ukrainian translation)

Книга “Робінзон” сучасного й молодого (за віком та письменницьким досвідом) вірменського автора Арама Пачяна здатна здивувати, епатувати, злякати, відштовхнути, викликати на дуель (світоглядну і творчу), спровокувати звинувачення митця у божевіллі, шизофренії, агресії, схильності до садизму...

Арам Пачян “Робінзон”

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“Aram Pachyan’s “Goodbye, Bird” is a very valuable book, and one of the best works of Armenian literature in the last 10 years. Therefore, I am confident in the success of the novel abroad, and I hope that it will carry the difficult but honorable function of the locomotive.”

Aram Pachyan’s Goodbye, Bird in English